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Friday, October 3rd 2014

7:19 PM

5 Flaws You're Doing In Your Vertical Jump Training

When looking forward to enhance your ability to jump, it is crucial for you to do vertical leap training. Many people that train to jump high don't obtain the results they desire because they're carrying out things improperly. Apart from making mistakes in carrying out these activities, they also do little or a lot of these in their workouts.

1. Working on Endurance Instead of Explosion


When training for vertical jump explosion, an athlete's aerobic endurance will improve if extremely high reps are carried out. Nevertheless, it cannot improve your vertical explosion. If you're training to improve your jumps, then 8 intense reps should be enough because your focus should be on quality, not quantity. It would be a waste of time and energy to do an excess of hundreds to thousands of reps because it will just exhaust you, and your jumps wouldn't even develop. This is something I learned not long ago on http://jumpmanualblog.com/ which is a Jump Manual blog by a guy who shares information on Jacob Hiller's program.

This false practice is explained here in more detail.

2. Falling to Overtraining


Athletes who did weight training were able to see a significant improvement in their leaps. Because of the positive results that they were obtaining, they believed that more is better. However, this is a crucial mistake since they ended up having a terrible performance and low jump.

When you overtrain, there is a great chance that you will develop some injuries, specifically on the joints. It will also cause you to feel fatigued, which implies that you will not have adequate power to make higher jumps. Remember that your main goal is not to become a weight lifter but simply, to enhance jumping ability.

3. Poor Diet


It is very important for an athlete to have the right nutrition. With the ideal nutrition, they will have the correct nutrients to fuel their body. To improve muscle enhancement and obtain sufficient energy, an ample amount of carbohydrates and protein are needed. Actually, they also need a controlled dose of fats to avoid hormonal imbalances.

Nonetheless, most of them are placing more importance on exercising. Thus, nutrition is ignored most of the time. By doing so, all of their efforts are wasted because their body is not acquiring the nutrients that it needs. You have to make sure that you are getting the correct amount of nutrients so your overall performance will not be compromised. Remember that correct training and nutrition are at par in terms of importance.

4. Neglecting Sleep


Resting should also become a practice. Rather than letting their tired muscles rest after a rigorous training, most athletes wind up taking part in pick up games. For your body to completely recover, you should let it rest. Getting enough sleep will help improve your vertical leap.

So there you have it, these are some simple things you need to take care of when you're working on your vertical. They may appear simple, but these little practices actually affect your jump. For this reason, you need to pay great attention to your health so as to end up with the results you wish to acquire.

5. Not Utilizing A Jump Manual


Basically, you can be well versed on jumping but if you still don't have a plan of action and a fixed training regimen, then even with all the knowledge you won't be able to get far. Thus, the best practice is to use a jump manual that lays down the routine and all the things you need to do in order to succeed in your vertical jump quest.

As of now, the most dominant program is the jump manual by Jacob Hiller and by going to Jumpmanualblog.com post you will learn a lot of things you didn't know about vertical jumping and you'll be able to build yourself the right plan for your vertical jump.

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Monday, July 7th 2014

9:32 PM

Tips and Tricks on How to Develop your Jump Abilities and Apply them to Basketball


A basketball player needs to develop his performance in order to do well in the court. Players should engage in various trainings and workouts like vertical jump training to further improve their performance. The reason for this is obvious; this is because not everyone has the capability to jump high. Fortunately, there are several things that that you can do to add inches in your jumping ability.

#1 Factor for Jumping Higher - Strength

The first thing that you should do is to boost your overall muscle strength. That is why you do some strength workouts. However, you should direct most of your time doing exercises that will improve muscle mass and strength of the legs. You will find yourself more nimble and be able to jump higher through regular workouts. Indeed, strength-enhancing routines are important. But then, be careful not to overdo your trainings because this might cause your movements to diminish.

The Importance of Flexibility

leg-flexibilityPerforming mobility exercises will also help enhance your vertical leap. Such a workout is a means to minimize the risk of getting injuries because you will use your muscles properly. Tight muscles will prevent you from jumping high that's why you must increase flexibility. Keep in mind that better muscle recruitment leads to higher jumps.

Improving strength and speed will not make any difference in your leaps when your core and stabilizers are weak. Strengthening core and stabilizing muscles will ensure that a maximum amount of energy is transferred towards your legs as you're about to jump. Plank variations and one-legged squats could help.

Here are some more techniques you can use to coup with the jumper's knee that many vertical leapers have in more advanced stages.

Nine variables affect a person's vertical leap. Therefore, you need a vertical leap training program that covers all variables to make sure that you'll learn how to jump high. There are some programs that only focus on one or two variables. Other variable such as nutrition are frequently ignored. The most recommended program nowadays is The Jump Manual because it covers all nine variables using a multi-faceted approach. A systematic workout plan is being utilized in this program.

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Sunday, May 25th 2014

2:12 PM

Discover How To Enhance Vertical Jump With The Help of Jump Manual

jump manual jacob hillerThis post, dedicated to the subject of vertical leaping, will be dealing with the difficulty of basketball players to increase it. Most basketball athletes are tall, however not all of them are able to jump high. Jumping, among other physical abilities, is extremely essential in achieving victory in each and every basketball game. So as to boost players’ ability in jumping, The Jump Manual should be employed. The manual is getting the interest of many players since it provides directions on how they can jump higher than they can.

Through the manual; you will know how to improve your speed and strength. With that, you will be able to achieve an amazing vertical leap. The organized techniques are all stated in a downloadable eBook format. Additional materials where the leaping guide is available like videos, images, and printable workout directions are also given. The Jump Manual will also boost your neurologic response, strength, and endurance once you complete all the trainings. In order for you to acquire the results that you want, you need to ensure that you are fanatically following the program.

In order to perform great vertical leaps, there are nine variables that must be considered. Using a multi-faceted strategy, the manual is able to handle all these variables, and used them to produce superb results. This kind of training course is not new because there are other programs that also assured to improve vertical leap. Nevertheless, these other programs could never fit the effectiveness of The Jump Manual given that they only focus on one or two variables.

Most programs disregarded nutrition even though it is a variable that can affect the way you jump. Through the help of The Jump Manual, you will determine what foods you must eat so that you can satisfy your nutritional necessities. If you are obtaining the ideal nutrition, your body will heal quicker and your level of energy will also increase. In the manual, you will find the pointers and a diet regime that can help you build some muscles. This diet was built as a collaboration of Jacob Hiller with Nutrition.org to specifically support the needs of basketball players. The other variables that the program has tackled involves stability, balance, form, fuel, and flexibility among others.

Here's a video that shows the entire process of improvement of a guy who went through the 12 weeks training course.

Keep in mind that this is a manual not a mystical book. Thus, it cannot provide you with the results that you desired instantly. As a trainee, you need to invest a great deal of effort and time in order to accomplish your objectives. The Jump Manual will not become effective if you're not determined to achieve your goal. If the methods are executed properly, you will see considerable improvements after two weeks. The manual can help you jump as high as 40 to 44 inches, which is usually attained after 12 weeks of continuous training.

Definitely, you have some queries and concerns. An email support is available so don’t hesitate to send in your queries. Trainees can also interact with each other in the vertical jump forum. Verifiable testimonies from the people who benefited from The Jump Manual are also seen in the forum.

The Jump Manual is developed by Jacob Hiller, who spent over 10 years to develop the efficient vertical jump explosion techniques. It cannot be helped if you are having questions regarding this training manual. If the testimonials from professional athletes don’t match you, then you can get the 60-day trial. With this, you will see how efficient and trustworthy this manual is.
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Sunday, May 25th 2014

1:50 AM

About Me

Before I dive into writing and sharing my knowledge with the world on this blog, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is William and since the time I was a little small kid I seemed to be habituated with the game of basketball and sports. I became absolutely obsessed with the game but in this scenario it was great due to the fact I did not have anything other than b-ball facilities nearby. I played hoops at all times, spring season, fall, summer season and yes, even during the winter with snow on the court and gloves on my hands.

In a nutshell, I am quite a basketball fellow from the time I can recall myself personally, thus I am able to teach you quite a few things which can boost your performance.

Enjoy your staying in this website.

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Sunday, May 25th 2014

1:39 AM

My Very First Post

Hey everyone and welcome to The Vertical Jump Blog.

This my very first post here and I'm very excited to start.

This will be my personal blog and I hope you'll find it interesting.


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